What Is The Monkey Business In Somaliland Mean To Us (Abdi-Shotaly)?

As we are witnessed or observed now a days, Somaliland was corrupted thoroughly by two dictator soldiers and put the whole nation in jokes. They lost almost all our financial resources control with out any sense, such as Seaports, military and civilian Airfields, our Sea, control of our Civil Aviation and so on. there is nothing in our hands at the moment what so ever. All these that I mention on above were transferred to Somalia and controlled from Mogadishu ( The capital of Al-Shababland) its nickname is What they call Somalia, Which doesn’t exists since 1991 ( At the fall of Siyad Bare regime). Here at the bottom, I have a long list of Somaliland’s wealth that has gone under Farmajo Administration in recent weeks, so, please read the realities of what is going on at there:-

(a) Our main and the most beneficial Seaport in economics and having a highly strategical wisdom for our existence of livelihood ( Berbera  Seaport), was hired by this soldier in administration, for his personal and family gains to United Arab Emirates. After short while of time ( about 3 years ago). In the last few weeks and so, that injustice purchase was interfered by Somalia, after they disputed from the International Court of Hague in Holland, United Nations, EU, Organisation of African Union and Igad. Now that contract is cancelled, outlawed or withdrawn and gone back to Somalia, The soldier in Morgan House ( What they call it Presidential palace) is not in control any more whether you believe it or not. He him self met with Farmajo in Addis Ababa ( capital of Ethiopia), begged humbly from him to make his earnestly ease and do a favour for his administration but the head of Al-shababland ( Farmajo) rejected that request forwarded by the soldier in Hargeisa, because he has no chose but to act it.

(b) In addition to that on the top, Ethiopia was part of the agreement that took place between U.A.Emirates and the Soldier, it has shared 19% of the agreement including Berbera Corridor. Due to brainless administration of Hargeisa, the Ethiopian authorities withdrawn completely from it and thrown it over the window, stopped all collaborations with them after pressured by the leader of Mogadishu ( Farmajo). My friends, the man who is in Morgan house met with Mogadishu leader in Addis Ababa ( Capital of Ethiopia) under the mediation of Ethiopian prime minister Mr Abiy Ahmed and begged to do a favour for him, but unluckily Mr Farmajo rejected that request. He ( the Soldier) become isolated in no man’s land and ditched in a deep dug under the ground helplessly.

(c) Somaliland Civil Aviation is not functioning at the moment and handed over to Farmajo regime, because this Hargeisa so called authorities, headed by the one who remained alive from the real SNM heros (Raggii ma adigaa ka hadhay), can not manage it but busy to create inter-clan enmities between Somaliland inhabitants or nationals ( because of his own and family beneficial gains) despite of doing national interests.

(d) The UK Government stopped all their support of RRU including Wages and Equipment, together with another two so called police divisions, As every body knows, this well trained police force was created to fight against terrorists, but instead, it used to suppress media, freedom of speech, justice, kills innocent people, jailed with out case or created falsehoods, did so many evils to young generation i.e punishment of women in the streets, The British Government feel guilty now, when they found they are misled falsely.

(e) Our Sea beeches between Gulf of Aden, Djabuti and Berbera seaport is gone and given to Farmajo bu united nations Committee, it would never come back to us ( past is gone). We are going back to Square one.

(f) The surprised news that occur for the last 2-3 weeks is, Ethiopia  withdrawn From Berbera seaport but building new and fresh port at Zaila Sea peninsula,So my brothers/sisters, what is that business mean to us? I don’t under stand it, if you do, please let me know what is going on behind scene? Reality is hided and nonsense talks is around corners of streets. I think this mental soldier is dancing fox tricks for us. We are on the road of no where, leading us the worst disaster ever in history of man kind, but you don’t realised a yet.

In conclusion, no one can trust these people, who robbed the vote of our nationals at 13/November/2017, Absolutely it was a dark day for somalilanders. The day that we lost our sovereignty reclaimed by SNM fighters but hold back by those who collected all our reserves of national wealth ( The idiot soldiers on chair). My friends, I want to tell you that there is no more Somaliland at the world stage, its by name (proper noun) but nothing else,what we are waiting now is to be graved us when they finished every thing with no mercy.

*N.B We Are On The Road Of No Where!

By Abdi-Shotaly.

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