Somaliland Is In Ghost Hands

My dear readers of British People and Somalilanders around corners of this huge planet ( The earth), I want to convey you the worst report that ever wrote from Somaliland by the British Government, under the top heading of ” Somaliland is in Ghost Hands”.  As you know, A Group of U.K Parliamentary Members (MPs) and British Ambassadors of Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, headed by EU Representative envoy, has gone in Somaliland in different times since last year, to over see what is going on at there after long cry of how the money mongers deals with Somaliland bill payers,Those who funded elections, RRU and soo many other functions of this one man administration I.e UK, EU and so on. but unluckily they disappointed and said this deaf soldier is unreadable and completely in confusion, untrustworthy ( which means No one can understand him), may be he is mental or got a Coronavirus they said. Also UK Ambassador published a report in Commons at last week, read by Mps who returned from Somaliland and here it is the Report. The Presidential election of Somaliland which took place at 13/11/2017, was completely fake, illegal, fraud and wasted the British financial support, together with European Union and other non-European countries, in this small continent of Europe supported to this unrecognised and self declared independent country. As we started during the Presidency of Dahir Riyale, this support is wasted by the current administration of Soldiers.

 The report is also condemned how they deceived the world and lied to them, The report thoroughly summerized in deep details of verifications,what they saw in their own eyes and said “There is no democratic processes in all cases of Justice, Freedom of speeches, all media centres are controlled by this administration, theft of national resources is free to everybody, jailing and suppressing is normal, enmity of other clans apart from Rainbow Group, they are against 95% of the main constituent clans I.e Arab, Garahajis, Samaron, Harti, It is something that happens in daily basis and they fight without any excuses even though they are innocents. My friend or readers, I am very much appreciated to read this report made by European financial payers, who tell what they saw in their own eyes.

A part from the above report, every one of us, whether you are in Somaliland or abroad ( where ever you are), you know The British government cut all the benefits of RRU, Whom they are trained against our national’s wills of Somalilanders. Our people are sending their best to UK Government and other EU countries, saying “Thank you all” We inhaled this fruiful decision that you made or stopped your support of this tayrant administration. Now-a-days, the soldier at Hargeisa Regional administration, is in a bankruptcy situation, pennyless after they collected all the money of this small Region, left our people in hunger,starvation, poverty, fighting each other because of their interest gains by using ” Divide and Rule phenomenon” which can not work in near future. Activating tribes inter-clashes, is what they think to secure them selves on chair. Abused power is also in place, no one respecting ” Rule of law” but dictating ever thing, no matter what ever they are, since all forces are 100% controlled by members of their high ranked clan officers, so the whole country is in crises or in a intensive time of economic difficulty, having no help from any where but collapsed in hands of few insects, who knows only how to collect so much wealth from it. My brothers/sisters its up to us if we can accept that or not. Thank you any way.

* N.B Divide And Rule Phenomenon Will Not work In Near Future!

By Abdi-Shotaly.

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