UCID Chairman honors Berbera Mayor

Hargeisa (SD) – UCID party Chairman Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe today honors Berbera mayor Abdishakur Edin.

The chairman said that he paid the tribute to the Mayor for his positive steps he took forward as a mayor of Somaliland’s port city Berbera, calling on the other mayors to follow his example.

The opposition Leader didn’t elaborate the reasons for the unusual move to praise a mayor whose elected term has lapsed,  therefore making move the move awkward and out of place.

Mayor of Berbera, Abdishakur Edin, reacting to this honor, thanked Chairman Faysal, describing him as a politician who has always stood for public interest.

The mayor also mentioned that he was elected as a UCID municipal councillor, and worked with the parties agenda, the mayor did not give details of his claim.

Chairman Faisal visited major projects in Berbera, such as the Library, the Technical School, neighborhoods set up for the City’s poor and other locations.

UCID interior secretary Ramah was also seen with the Chairman for the first time since his release from Jail couple weeks ago, Ramah was an out-spoken member of the opposition prior to his arrest.

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