Somalia points out Kenyan intervention, again

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s foreign ministry said in a statement that Kenya is interfering with Somalia’s internal affairs.

“The Federal Government of Somalia is calling on the Government of Kenya to immediately halt violations of Somalia’s independence and instability along the border between the two countries,” the statement said.

Somalia has long been waiting for the leadership of Kenya to recognize the importance of the two countries’ historical relations and economic, security and political cooperation between the two peoples and the two governments.

Somalia has praised the contribution of the countries of the region and the African continent in helping the people and the Government of Somalia and sending troops to help liberate the country from terrorism.

“The Somali Federal Government is reminding its counterpart in Kenya of good neighborliness and the stability of the region, although the new Kenyan government’s policies are against the sovereignty of Somalia, the international community, the principles of the African Union, bilateral agreements and the overall security of the region.” Said the federal government’s statement.

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