Somaliland Builders complain about telecommunication giant TELESOM

Hargeisa (SD) – Technical workers have complained about a new telecommunication service launched by TELESOM called “hogsade” recently.

These construction technicians say their jobs are will be taken over, and that foreigners will be integrated into the new service, which will jeopardize their jobs.

“TELESOM has moved beyond its business and entered into the construction industry. It has already taken over the Money Exchange, the taxi, the media, and now the construction workers, so we have to deal with it,” said one of the Marodi Jeh region’s workers.

TELESOM has recently launched a new mobile service, where you can order through your mobile, the technician you need, whether it’s a carpenter, painter and any professional you need to call directly.

The service has been criticized by national technicians who saw it that certain people were promoted on the service, at the same time, their marketplace is destroyed.

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