Somaliland President and UCID Chairman to meet face-to-face

Hargeisa (SD) – President of the Republic of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi and the Chairman of UCID Opposition party Faisal Ali Warabe are expected to have a face-to-face meeting tonight following their contentious spat.

The meeting, according to the Horn of Africa newspaper, was organized by politicians and self-appointed elders to resolve a concern over the case against Chairman Feisal Ali Warabe who was to be the subject of court case.

The elders, who were representing both leaders, had a meeting last week to discuss the concerns that led to the crisis, and worked together to calm the situation and end the case against the Chairman forwarded by President Bihi’s family after Chairman Faisal leveled corruption allegations against them.

The mediation efforts were done while Chairman Faisal was abroad, and these meetings led to the proposed face to face meeting of President Bihi and Chairman Faisal, who are expected to meet tonight in order for the leaders to finally bury the Hachette.

The meeting comes as the Chairman have been widely welcomed in Hargeisa, and has since leveled a strongly worded condemnations against the country’s leadership on various issues.

However, this a highly anticipated meeting, and it is likely that the two leaders will forgive each other, at least on the political front.

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