Somaliland cant afford to Quarantine travelers, Releases them on bail

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland grants traditional leaders request in releasing quarantined individuals who were among sixty people exposed to the Covid-19, according to sources in Hargeisa.

Somaliland has recently quarantined the sixty Ethiopian Airlines passengers who arrived at Hargeisa’s Egal airport.

The Government has released some and plans to release the rest of the quarantined individuals as per the traditional leader’s request.

The decision to release the quarantined poses significant public health risk.

The quarantined people were initially ordered to pay their hotels expense and when they argued that they cannot afford it, the government then had to pay for the costs, according to the source.

Somaliland in avoiding the high costs of the quarantine, preferred to release them, with the risk some of the travelers not undergoing medical tests.

The Somaliland anti-coronavirus committee has ordered the 14 day quarantine of all travelers to the country.

Somaliland Authorities didn’t address the public in the reasons they released these high-risk travelers.

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