Somaliland Chamber of Commerce walks out on a Somalia political Conference

Ankara(SD)-Somaliland’s Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Jamal Aided Ibrahim, led Somaliland traders to Turkey for a conference and ended up not attending the conference.

Chairman of Jamal Aideed, who addressed the invitation to attend the conference, said “We have been invited by Turkish institutions, some of whom are Somali and Turkish owned, and the invitation was signed by seven of Turkey’s largest organizations”.

Chairman Jamal Aideed said that when they arrived in Turkey they had experienced a change in the purpose of the conference.

“When we arrived in Turkey we saw the conference taking a different turn, Somalia leaders were there. ministers were present, and our invitation was not a political one, and if it was a political conference we have a government to represent us, and with that we left the conference.” said Jamal Aided.

The Turkey government who hosted the Conference did not comment on the walk out or their agenda for the meeting.


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