Somaliland consultative forum files a complaint against the Senate to the Constitutional Court

Hargeisa (SD) – The Somaliland consultative forum today filed a case against the House of Elders and its two-year extension of House’s mandate at the Constitutional Court of Somaliland.

The majority of the politicians who are members of the forum are SNM rebel leaders, and said that the only way to complain about the government was through the law, and noted that their case was accepted by the court.

“The only way out is for the Constitutional Court to review these decisions reached by the Senate, The chairman of the Supreme Court has agreed with us and will study and we await his response.” said the chairman of the Somaliland Consultative Forum Hassan Gure.

The chairman of the Consultative Forum noted that they would not do what other opposition parties would do, which is to call on the people to take it to the streets, but will go through the law and complain about any wrongdoing.

This is the first time since the 2019 electoral dispute, that the courts are utilized in order to find a resolution on the legality of the government’s decision to rail road the process, according to the opposition parties.

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