Somaliland Contradicts Djibouti claim over Covid-19 cases

Hargeisa (SD) – Four people passengers who recently traveled to Hargeisa, Somaliland, aboard Ethiopian Airlines flight have tested positive of Covid-19, according Djibouti government.

All of whom are citizens of Djibouti landed at the Hargeisa airport and then attempted to cross the border into Djibouti, but where refused entry upon testing positive for the virus.

This latest announcement by the Djiboutian government is doubling the widespread fear of Ethiopian Airlines passengers arriving at Hargeisa airport.

The Bihi government has already released quarantined travelers before their 14 days, according to information we received, these travelers were suspected of carrying the virus.

Somaliland contradicted Djibouti’s claim and said three people from Djibouti who tested positive where held at border, according to Somaliland’s Vice President Abdirahman Saylici.

Ethiopian Airlines passengers do not go through medical examinations in their countries of origin, which also raises the fear of Coronavirus in Somaliland.

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