Somaliland Central Bank Governor illegally uses courts to shut down Hadhwanaag website

Hargeisa(SD)-The Hargeisa Regional Court has issued an injunction ordering internet companies to block access to Somalia’s leading website Hadhwanaag News today, after it published an article alleging assets stolen by Governor of the Central Bank of Somaliland, a Canadian named Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi.

The Somaliland Criminal Investigation Office has been conducting hearings against Hadhwanaag over the past few days.

Mr. Baghdadi disagreed with the article on where he got the funds he is investing in buildings and a large house in Hargeisa.

The report alleges that Mr. Baghdadi got the funds from the Somaliland President to target a defected army Cornel and the central Bank Governors opposition clan members.

The hearings are still pending, yet Mr. Baghdadi petitioned Maroodi Jeeh Regional Court for the shutdown.

Somaliland’s central bank chairman Ali Ibrahim and editor of Hadhwanaag News are both Canadians.

The Hadhwanaag editor has filed a complaint against Mr. Baghdadi with the Canadian courts over media closure.

Canada is a champion of freedom of expression, and goes to great lengths in protecting freedom of speech, while Somaliland repeatedly detains and limits freedom of the press and journalists.

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