Wadani: Somaliland government shouldn’t limit itself to Somalia dialogue.

Hargeisa(SD)-Wadani Opposition Party’s foreign affairs critic Fatima Said Ibrahim spoke with Horn of Africa Newspaper about the Somalia and Somaliland Talks.

“If the talks with Somalia are to re-open, the question will be what to discuss, do we have an agenda, or are we going our hearts empty as in the past?, before we gave away the airspace control, what are giving away today, The topic of our discussions should be how we separate ourselves from them, if not, I don’t know what to talk to them about.” said Faduma Said.

Fatima Said talked about the most appropriate form of dialogue with Somalia.

“When the government alone did the talks, it gave away the air control and the massacre was of the table, and we were left alone, so today we know the damage that the Government can cause at negotiations with Somalia. let it be a national issue, be considered, and debated, we should go into it as a unified state.” said Faduma Said.

There are international pressures on Somalia and Somaliland to restart the peace talks, neither side seems ready to address the elephant in the room, unity.

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