Somaliland High court dismisses Consultation forum’s case for not being registered

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s Constitutional Court has dismissed the Consultation Forum’s claim against the government because it has no legal status and is not registered.

Elders of the consultative forum said they will file their case as citizens on Saturday as the constitution allows citizens to file a complaints at the court.

“We have filed a case against the Gurti and their 21 year unelected reign, and the fact they extended the Houses term, the court annulled the name of the forum, and if we had no constitutional title to it, we abandoned it and filed the second lawsuit as citizens of Somaliland” said Forum Chairman Hassan Gure.

Also, Gulled Dafac the forum’s lawyer who was reporting on the case, said “The case filed against the Senate was not rejected, the only thing that was denied was the name of the forum and they said it was not registered or recognized, and they are filing the lawsuit as citizens.”

He also noted that every citizen can join the lawsuit as the constitution allows them to file their own claims.

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