US ambassador to Somalia contemplates resignation over debt relief

Mogadishu (D) – US Ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto is considering resigning if he fails to meet the US debt consolidation plan in Somalia.

The US-based Foreign Policy Journal writes that the United States is not prepared to forgive the $ 1 billion debt it owes to Somalia.

The paper says that if the United States does not pardon its debt to Somalia, it means that other countries whom Somalia owes debts to will take similar steps.

The US ambassador commended Somalia for its efforts in restructuring its economy, which will help pave the way for the debt forgiveness program.

Donald Yamamoto is trying to get the United States Senate to pass a resolution authorizing debt forgiveness in Somalia, but if he doesn’t, he plans to vacate office, according to Foreign Policy.

Failure of the Somali debt consolidation plan is a major blow to Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre who has been working with the US on the program.

The United States is the largest donor in Somalia, spending nearly half a billion dollars a year in aid and development.

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