Somaliland listed under the countries of Human rights concern in a UK report

London(SD)-The UK had recently published a report looking at 2018 Human Rights and Democracy Report, placing Somaliland on the “countries of continued concern”.

The report lumps Somaliland with Somalia and just like Al Shabab continues to cause human rights violations.

“In Somaliland, the situation is better, but police impunity and the restricted space for freedom of expression remain significant concerns. Individuals, including journalists, who criticise the security forces or publicly question the Somaliland national project can be subject to detention without due process.” states the report.

In Somaliland this year alone, had twenty five journalist arrested and about five media outlets have been shut down.

This is an abhorrent track record even for the Kulmiye regime of Muse Bihi Abdi.

Somaliland once the bench mark of freedom of speech and self determination has in recent years deteriorated to the level of international concern.

This is happening at a time when supporters of  the ruling party Kulmiye, are cheering the government in trampling on human rights, not to mention political stagnation.

What is even more worrisome is that the two so called opposition parties are ill prepared to bring about sorely needed changed.


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