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Puntland sends a strong message to its opposition

Garowe (SD) – Puntland Minister of Finance Hassan Ali Shire and Minister of Information Ali Sabarey today called for an end the opposition against the ruling government.

The ministers, who spoke to the press in their offices, said critics of the administration should not be questioning about the fate of Puntland.

“In Puntland there is no need for a critic who speaks out, and an angry Elder, the accountability lies with the government,” said Finance Minister Hassan Shire Abgal.

Puntland’s Information and Communication Minister said that no one will be allowed to demean the Puntland leaders as people who sell their land and resources.

“We know that the nation is being told the wrong thing in meetings with the elders, all of this we know, Mogadishu is behind it.” said Ali Sabarey.

The minister’s statement comes as Elders and opposition politicians have called for the expulsion of DP-World from Puntland and that foreign companies  should not be given Puntland’s financial resources.

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