Somaliland’s Minister of Information playing editor in Chief of the independent media

Hargeisa(SD)-Somaliland’s Minister of Information Mohamed Muse Diriye met today with Somaliland’s independent television and discussed discussed the working relationship between the two sides, said a ministry release.

The meeting turned out to be yet another attempt by the Somaliland authorities to treat the independent media as though they were national outlets.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to broadcast the live broadcasts of Somaliland broadcasts in Somaliland, as we are two countries apart from Somali and international media.” said the government release.

The Somaliland Minister of information according to the ministry statement is apparently the editor in chief of all local television stations.

“The Somaliland Ministry of Information, which represents the government on independent media relations, requires that the media in general respect the sovereignty of Somaliland and to adhere to the Constitution, the laws of the country and the common understanding of government and media relations.” concluded the ministry’s statement.

The decision to tell the independent televisions operating in Somaliland to broadcast as the ministry of information dictates is yet proof that the government does not understand it’s own laws and constitution, and the role of independent media.

A lot of insiders are wondering what actually happened to the government media, be it television or radio, and why aren’t those maintained as they should have been.

This order come after the Somaliland authorities have shut down Horyaal TV and Hadhwanaag news last few days without court sectioned order.  

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