Somaliland’s Western Alias respond to Daily Mail report

Hargeisa(SD)-Lawmakers, politicians and world-renowned scholars have responded to an article in the Daily Mail claiming that Somaliland is a war-torn country.

The newspaper said in its report that the United States government denied a visa to the British Prime Minister’s girlfriend who had traveled to Somaliland and meet with President Bihi was denied a visa. The reasons for the denial was the newspaper said her visit to Somaliland.

British MP Stephen Doughty, who recently  traveled to Somaliland, wrote on his Twitter account.”Donald Trump is deeply wrong in this policy, but also the Daily Mail was inaccurate and wrong. Somaliland is not a war-torn country,  I went to [Somaliland] last year on a successful trip with MP Liz McInnes and MP Mathew Offord. It is an exciting place to welcome people.”

Mr. Michael Walls, who was head of electoral observer delegation on various elections in Somaliland, and a friend of MP Stephen Doughty, also tweeted “I completely agree with you; Somaliland is taller than a war-torn country, This is just another example of how some international policies and journalists are creating false narratives by constantly falsifying the facts. Visit Somaliland to see for yourself.”

James Carver, a prominent British politician and former member of the European Parliament, wrote in his twitter account that he hopes the newspaper’s article will be useful in helping Somaliland to seek recognition.

He noted that Somaliland has traveled 5 times, and asked himself to cancel a planned trip to the United States.

“I hope this brings attention to the ongoing efforts of Somaliland to regain international recognition, I have visited this beautiful and peaceful country five times. Maybe I should cancel my plans to travel to the United States.”

Michael Rubin, an American expert, wrote in an article about why the United States refused to allow her to visit Somaliland, pointing out the obvious folly,

“Preventing Boris Johson’s partner from visiting the United States in Somaliland is plain stupid.”

This is the most robust campaign on behalf of Somaliland by western allies since president Dahir Riyale days.

Since Kulmiye took over power there has been no active bush for Somaliland recognition.

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