The 35th anniversary of ONLF celebrated today in Jigjiga

Jigjiga(SD)-Ceremony was held today at Jigjiga’s 35th Anniversary of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF).

The commemoration was attended by ONLF leaders, senior officials of the DDS, traditional elders and intellectuals of the region and the public.

The commemoration made by the ONLF leaders, saying that the organization’s long-standing struggle with guns has been replaced with a pen and will continue to carry on peacefully.

The ONLF has been fighting for the liberation of Somali territories in eastern Ethiopia for a long time, and wanted to secede from Ethiopian.

They will now struggle as party in the next election, as per their objective, and has opened offices in all the regions of the country and the capital city of Addis Ababa.

The ONLF, which is said to be dominated by a clans, is also fighting for the entire Somali population.

35th commemoration of the fund group has been noted in both local and foreign fans in Ethiopia.

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