The US intervenes in the Somali Kenya dispute

Nairobi (SD) – The Kenyan newspaper the Daily Nation reported that the United States has intervened the raging conflict between Somalia and Kenya.

The Daily Nation reports that it received a tip from a credible source that the phone call between the two presidents happened after the United States intervened in the crisis.

The Newspaper didn’t say which president the US government leaned on to make the phone call happen.

The tension between the two countries has escalated after the Somali government accused Kenya of interfering in Somalia, which Kenya denied.

Somali forces are currently fighting with Jubaland forces at the Somalia border with Kenya, Somalia alleges Kenya is supporting the Jubaland forces in Gedo.

However, Kenya responded in a statement that Somali forces “came into their country, violating their sovereignty and destroying property belonging to the Kenyan people.”

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