UK says Somaliland Recognition can only be achieved through Talks Between Hargeisa and Mogadishu

London(SD)-The British government remains firmly committed to the regional states of Africa to lead the recognition of Somaliland and an agreement between Somaliland and Somalia.

Thomson Reuters Foundation editor Belinda Goldsmith, who recently traveled to Somaliland, prepared a long and exciting report on the impact of climate change on Somaliland.

The report highlights Somaliland’s need for an international recognition for its economic and living conditions, and if recognized, Somaliland will receive international investment that will contribute to development.

Minister of Environment Development Shukhi Haji Baandare met with Reuters and said climate change was felt in Somaliland, but noted that the people of Somaliland have a plan.

Chairman of the Disaster readiness and Food Security Faysal Ali Sheikh, said Somaliland faces many challenges including poverty and low economic growth.

In addition, 50% of the urban population and 64% of the rural population in Somaliland are poor, said the report.

Edna Adan Ismail, the first woman to become Somaliland’s foreign minister, said the traditional life of the nomadic population had perished. Edna Adan argued that Somaliland’s struggle for recognition is crucial to the country’s future.

Somaliland Representative to the United Kingdom, Ayan Mohamud said whether Somaliland is recognized or not, the people are making progress.

The British Foreign Office spokesperson said the British position is that Somaliland and Somalia should decide their future.

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