UN calls for immediate end to conflict between federal and state governments

Mogadishu(SD)-The United Nations Office for Somalia has once again called on the federal government and all member states to resume working together, according to a report released recently.

The United Nations says the continuing political stagnation is a major challenge and threatens the plans adopted by the Somali Partnership Summit on October 1st.

“I am renewing my call to the leaders of the country, to revive their dialogue and fulfill their commitments to resolve political disputes, through compromise and the interest of the Somali people.” the report said.

The report was commended by the federal government’s efforts in Galmudug and the South West, but called on parties involved in the Somali electoral process to act quickly in Jubbaland through compromise and non-violence.

Finally. The United Nations welcomed the commitment of President Sharif to hold general elections in 2020. Although concerned over time or have been missed.

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