UN reports press and human rights abuses in Somaliland

NY(SD)-The report by the United Nations Human Rights Expert envoy for Somalia, Mr. Bahame Tom MUKIRYA NYANDUGA  spoke on the situation in Somaliland of human rights and press freedom.

The expert visited Somaliland’s capital Hargeisa between 17 and 19 July and met with the Speaker of the house of representatives, the Attorney General, the Minister of Justice and the Human Rights Commission, representatives from civil society organizations.

The envoy mentioned in his report that Somaliland has held presidential elections in 2017, but has not held parliamentary elections for more than fifteen years, He also noted in his report that the reason they weren’t held were lack of capacity for government agencies, since they do not have the recognition.

He also spoke in his Report on the Status of Freedom of Speech and Views and expressed concern about the failure to uphold the Guaranteed Justice Guarantee to Protect Journalists After Police Violence.

He also said that he had been informed that Seventy Abuses of Media Workers were Recorded During the year and 28 Reporters Arrested, three media outlets were also shut down during the first seven months of 2019, however, with that many only the 4 Media cases were referred to the Courts.

He noted the order issued by the Supreme Court of Somaliland in 2015 prohibiting arrests of journalists without legitimate court orders, according to the report.

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