Wadani complained to Sweden over the political situation in Somaliland

Stockholm(SD)-Sweden’s Wadani party representatives have reported Somaliland president Muse Bihi’s illegal activities to the Swedish Foreign Affairs over the political situation in Hargeisa.

Sweden’s Wadani party officials met with officials from the Swedish Foreign Ministry and reported on the current volatile situation in Somaliland, including the arrest of the Wadani party officials and the government’s decision to prevent the Wadani supporters from appearing at their offices.

Wadani opposition party leader in Sweden, Mohamed Abdilahi Kahin elaborated on their meeting with the Swedish Foreign Ministry,  “We had a meeting with the Swedish foreign ministry, the EU’s closest Somaliland stakeholder, and a supporter of democracy and human rights, and today we have given them a progress report on our nation, We know that democracy is at stake and our elections are going back to thirty years ago.” he said.

“Sweden is a friend of Somaliland and we have shared information about what has happened in Somaliland in recent days, that the leaders of the party are arrested and their legitimate protests have been rejected.” added the Wadani leader in Sweden.

Somaliland opposition leaders in the Diaspora are for the first time are pressuring the Bihi government abroad, this is a new and effective way of opposing the Somaliland government.

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