Wadani party levels accessions against President Bihi’s government

Hargeisa(SD)-Wadani Party’s spokesperson Barkhad Batun accused the Somaliland government for the defections of the Badan army forces.

“In the two years of Kulmiye’s rule of civilian complaints have been mounting, the flag of Somaliland is lowered in Badan for the first time in thirty years, the shame lies on the governing body, which is the president and the interior minister, ”said Wadani spokesperson Barkhad Batun.

Mr. Batun laid out a series of missteps in Sanaag by the Somaliland government since taking power. 

“The Interior Minister, while busy with the electoral commission and party controversy, in 2018, Puntland President Abdiweli Gaas arrives at Badhan and sets up a university, The Minister of Planning of Somalia also went to Badhan, and there is also a Somaliland army that joined Puntland, today in the center of Badhan a history of Somaliland based was taken over by Puntland.” he said.

These allegations came after a battalion of Somaliland military forces based in Badhan joined the Puntland army, but to date neither the government nor the ministry of defense have addressed these devolepments.


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