Wadani: President Bihi desires the 94 civil war re-do in Somaliland

Nairobi (SD) – A delegation led by the chairman of the Wadani party Abdirahman Irro is in Nairobi and they have met with officials from the international community to discuss the political situation in Somaliland.

According to Mohamed Harun a former Wadani member, Mr. Irro and Mohamed Bihi Yoonis told the international community that the Political crises in Somaliland has very little to do with controversial electoral commission and has more to do with President Bihi’s nefarious plans for the country.

President Bihi recently forced through the House of Representatives a contentious electoral commission that included former party officials and reappointed electoral commissioners, which led to the political opposition parties rejecting the commission.

The real reason Muse Bihi is string up controversy said Irro to the International community is that the president desires another civil war in Somaliland, in order to achieve goals he could not achieve in the 1994 war.

Ambassadors of European Ambassadors and the US deputy ambassador in Nairobi has been given detailed information, and after the meeting with Wadani leaders decided to send a delegation to Hargeisa on December 18th for two days.

The Wadani trip to Nairobi and their meetings with Somaliland’s international partner is the result of two years long election dispute manufactured by president Bihi, despite a mediating committee the issue seems to be escalating to new and unpredictable low.

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  1. GUDOOmiye Cirro oo dagaalkii Farmaajo doonaye inuu Somalilnd ka riddo ku masabiday Madaxweyne Muse , haloogu dhaarto in shacabka Somaliland ee wada dhasha dagaal iskaga hor imaanaymn , shacabka Somaliland diyaar uma ah kursi nin ku fadhisto kuu doono hana noqdo m Muse walaa Cirro , nabadooda ku badalmaayaan .
    nin kursi ku fadhiya dagaal madoonayey wax kala ma haysaan

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