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10 die in Baidoa Clashes in Baidoa

Baidoa December 23, 2022 (SD) -The Somali Government said it is saddened by the violence that took place today in Baidoa, the transitional capital of South West regional state.

The government urged all political parties in the South West to resolve their differences through dialogue and avoid bloodshed in Baidoa.

The Somali government’s statement follows after South West state police today attacked a house where forces supporting opposition the candidates against President Lafta-garden were staying.

The Ministry of Security of the South West Administration said armed gangs had set up roadblocks and obstructed their security forces on patrol.

The call from the Somali government comes as more than 10 people have died in today’s clash between the South West forces and those loyal to the opposition in Baidoa today.

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