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200 Al-Shabaab fighters killed in Hiraan

Beledweyne October 10, 2022 (SD) – More than 200 Al-Shabaab militants were reportedly killed in a heavy battle yesterday in Jicibow area of Hiran region.

The battle which lasted for more than 10 hours was between the Somali Government Army with the help of local militias and Al-Shabaab.

Reports say that the battle came after Al-Shabaab militants attacked Jicibow area, but the government forces captured prisoners and military ammunition in the battle.

Osman Gedi Elmi, the mayor of Buulaburte said that Al-Shabaab militants are now hiding in a mountain near Jicibow, and have been surrounded by the army.

The members of Al-Shabaab who fought in Jicibow on Sunday came from Bakool region to retake the areas of Hiraan region that they were expelled from, according to Mayor Osman Gedi.

Jicibow region is 25-KM away from Buulaburte district in Hiran region.

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