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Somali Press organizations concerned over government’s ban on Al Shabab news

Mogadishu October 10,2022 (SD) – Somali media organizations have expressed concern over the Somali government’s decision to ban media from reporting or disseminating information it calls Al-Shabaab propaganda.

Abdalle Ahmed Muumin, the head of the press association, held a press conference in Mogadishu, expressing concerns with the government’s measures which threaten the independence of the press and the public’s right to access information.

Muumin said that on Saturday the Somali government ordered the country’s media to adhere to its decision to ban the dissemination of al-Shabaab news.

“Several journalists contacted us and told us that they could not freely share the information they had with the community, because of fear of the government retaliation,” Muumin said.

He also said that the government’s decision created fear and insecurity among journalists, noting that Al-Shabaab themselves have issued threats against the press if they obey the orders of the Somali government.

Abdalle Muumin called on the government to protect but not to further limit press rights, and the government to review the press law with stakeholders and consider all recommendations.

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