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U.S. addresses Somalia’s ban on Al Shabaab coverage

Mogadishu October 11,2022 (SD) – The United States government has reacted to Somali federal government’s decision to ban broadcasting Al-Shabaab related news and statements.

The US embassy in Mogadishu called on the federal government and the media to work together in protecting the freedom of the press and in reporting reliable news.

The statement by the US Embassy in Mogadishu comes a day after Somalia’s media organizations said that the decision has created insecurity and fear, after al-Shabaab issued threats against journalists and media organizations who comply with the government’s decision.

“It seems to us that the safety and security of Somali journalists are being toyed with, and the journos are not in bulletproof cars, and do not have security.” said the press organizations.

The federal government of Somalia has not yet responded to the concerns of Somali journalists.

The Committee to Protect Journalists and other notable civil rights groups describes Somalia as a very dangerous places for journalists.

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