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30 Al Shabab militants killed in Mudug

MUDUG (SD) -The Somali National Army forces, in collaboration with a local militia known as Ma’awisley, carried out a planned operation in the Baraag Gurgurte area, one of the districts of Xarardheere.

The operation reportedly resulted in the killing of more than 30 members of Al-Shabaab who were residing in a camp near the town of Haradheere in the Mudug region. This area, Baraag Gurgurte, is located to the west of Haradheere town.

The operation targeted Al-Shabaab militants who were coordinating activities from that location. The operation comes after recent unrest in the Dumaaye and Dabagale areas in the southern part of Mudug region, where Al-Shabaab had increased its presence.

Various districts and regions, including Mudug, Galgaduud, and Hiiraan, have witnessed intensified operations against Al-Shabaab, as joint efforts by government forces and local militias aim to counter the activities of the extremist group.

The recent operations are part of a broader strategy to eliminate the threat posed by Al-Shabaab in these regions

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