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Somaliland spy agency naps two Somali Security officials

HARGEISA (SD) – The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) of Somaliland has reported that they have apprehended 2 individuals associated with the Somali security forces.

In a statement addressing the issue, the agency stated that they arrested individuals who claimed to have previously worked under the former NISA Director Fahad Yaasin Xaaji.

The agency mentioned that the detained individuals were involved in activities against the stability of Somaliland, even though the specific location of their apprehension was not disclosed, along with their assigned tasks.

“The NIA, the primary security agency in Somaliland, has apprehended Abdurrahman Jama Kulmiye and Sahal Ahmed Abdullahi, both of whom are members of the Somali security forces,” stated the NIA release.

“Particularly, they are individuals who were previously engaged in the service of Fahad Yaasin, both of whom have been arrested in Somaliland for their involvement in activities against its stability,” the statement added.

Somaliland’s security forces have recently detained numerous individuals accused of being infiltrators from various locations.

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