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Puntland Parliament extends its term for a year

GAROWE (SD) -The Members of the Puntland Parliament held a controversial meeting in Garowe today and announced an unprecedented decision regarding governance, particularly electoral matters.

The Parliament rejected President Said Deni’s decision to abandon his proposed one-person one-vote electoral system and decided to extend its term in Parliament by one year, creating a new timeline for the upcoming elections.

However, they’ve specified that elections for the President and Vice President will be held by Jan 8, 2024, resolving the Puntland political deadlock.

The parliamentary members also indicated that the announcement of the electoral commission for the President and Vice President elections should be made soon, enabling the electoral process to proceed.

This development came shortly after President Deni announced last night that he had withdrawn his earlier decision to hold direct elections and would now proceed with holding an indirect vote, adhering to the original electoral system.

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