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60 year old Somali mother dies after being Homeless in London for 6 years

LONDON (SD)- Hawa Abdi and her son Muhyiddin Guelleh who were living on a street in south London, has the mother die a few days ago due to health problems due to her homelessness.

The mother and her son caught the eye of Londoners and Somali Diaspora through the media in 2017, shown sitting in a chair in the front porch of Tooting Library.

Hawa Abdi and her son took refuge outside the building on Tooting Broadway after being evicted from their house where her husband had died.

The family has rejected several attempts by the council to relocate them, according to local media.

The 70-year-old mother and her 30-year-old son are well-known among Tooting shoppers, and Somalis in the Diaspora and those at home, and are often referred to as a cautionary tale.

After years of being homeless, the mother died recently, and her son is seen living on the same bench.

Footage released by some UK media showed the son whose mother had died sleeping on the same bench.

Somalis living abroad, flocked to western countries, came seeking a better life, are now finding themselves in a very difficult living situations, partly due to substance abuse coupled with integration and societal rejection problems.

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