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Contentious Consultative Council meeting concludes fourth day

MOGADISHU (SD) – The fourth day of the National Consultative Assembly meeting has come to an end, and the leaders have not yet reached an agreement on security and elections.

Somalia’s Deputy Minister of Information Abdirahman Al-Adalada said that the conference today exchanged various discussions and will continue.

“Leaders will discuss the agenda of the conference which will continue until all key issues related to the country’s elections are agreed upon.”

The meeting in the early hours of today was on the verge of breaking up, after a heated debate.

The situation at the conference today was the most difficult, and the leaders will have tomorrow, Friday off, and will reconvene after that.

Puntland Presidential spokesman Jama Deberani told local media that the conference ended in a calm atmosphere and that there will be separate meetings between the leaders tonight and tomorrow I an attempt to convince each other ways to resolve the key issues for the conference to be successful.

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