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974 students graduate from Amoud University in

Borama(SD)-A delegation led by the Somaliland President participated in the graduation ceremonies of 974 Amoud university students in Borama.

The occasion to celebrate the graduation of Amoud University students was also attended by former Somaliland President Dahir Rayale Kahin, the lead of Amoud University Prof. Suleiman Ahmed Guled, members of the cabinet, politicians, alumni, academics, traditional leaders, parents of the graduates and other dignitaries, who also gave a presentation to commend the educated youth and their efforts to develop themselves.

Professor of Amoud University, Prof. Suleiman Ahmed Guled, who spoke at the event, mentioned the various stages of the university’s success, and the dedication of these students and the achievement of their ambitions, he encouraged them to use the knowledge they gain on their society.

Sheikh Mohammed Adan, who spoke for the parents, commended the graduates on their efforts, and asked them to repay the efforts that parents and teachers put into their education.

Former Somaliland President, Dahir Rayale Kahin, who also spoke at the event, thanked the graduates today, and reminded them of the fruits and the many challenges ahead, as he urged them to work on the expected improvements.

“I will share the joy these days with many graduates from different universities, and I have made Amoud University my first, because I am a member of Amoud, In order to develop, new scholars like you and former ones have to think about how we can reduce differences, how do our people trust each other, and how do people get together when they are faced with conflict. ”” said President Bihi, who also spoke at the celibration.

Finally, the president presented a number of graduates who were leading their colleges, their faces reflected the joy they felt because of their president’s willingness to participate in their graduation.

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