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AMISOM troops killed in al-Shabaab attacks revealed

Mogadishu(SD)-A new report by American expert in the fight against al-Shabaab shows that 1,800 AMISOM troops have been killed in the fighting since 2007.

Professor Paul Williams has based his research on five sources and information provided by the African Union to the families of their loved ones who have been killed since AMISOM troops were deployed to Somalia in 2007.

Professor George Williams of George Washington University reported the loss of AMISOM soldiers between March 2007 and December 2018  estimated to be from 1,483 Soldiers to 1,884. Soldiers killed.

Professor Paul Williams mentioned in his report that was not  possible to get the exact number of soldiers who have died, since their countries has not yet released a list of soldiers killed in Somalia.

The AU’s wall of heroes at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa lists the names and ranks of the African Union peacekeeping troops killed in operations in Burundi, Central Africa, South Sudan and Somalia.

Professor Paul Williams reveals in his report that the names of 1,108 soldiers killed in the African Union peacekeeping operation had been inscribed on the wall of heroes in August of 2019.

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