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A Dispute between Hirshabelle President and Vice President delays Beledweyne Elections

BELEDWEYNE (SD) -The Hirshabelle Regional State Electoral Commission has today confirmed that there will be a delay in the elections for 11 seats in the Federal Parliament of Somalia, which was formerly scheduled to take place in Beledweyne.

The electoral commission issued a press statement, notifying all election stakeholders that there have been technical impediments to the submission of the schedule for the selection committee announced by the commission on 02.03.2022, which has caused a delay in the elections in Beledweyne.

According to other local news, there have been skepticisms about the motive of the delay of the election, many believe it is due to Hirshabelle leaders intending to loot seats for their own separate candidates.

Sources close to the President and Vice President confirm that the dispute has already affected the Hirshabelle Electoral Commission, which has sided with the President and Vice President.

The candidates in Beledweyne are dreading losing their seats and not competing in a fair election if certain seats are ransacked by the government officials. The electoral commission did not announce in their press statement the forecasted date for the elections in Beledweyne.

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