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Gedo governor: The PM appointed assessment committee cannot come to Gedo

GARBAHAREY (SD) – Gedo regional administration commissioner, Mr. Ahmed Bulle spoke to the VOA about recently appointed Garbaharey election assessment committee.

Ahmed Bulle announced that the Committee nominated by the Prime Minister cannot come to Gedo region, In particular, Garbaharey, adding the city have already been assessed, and they are ready to hold the election.

“We do not recognize that committee, not a committee we accept, and we are will not welcome, and will not visit us,” said Governor Bulle.

The governor also suggested that the agreed upon electoral, state and conflict resolution committees be allowed to do their work.

The announcement comes at a time the committee appointed by PM Role is to go to Garbaharey, to evaluate the situation.

The issue of Garbaharey election may hinder the country’s elections be concluded on the March 15, 2022 deadline, set by the National Consultative Council.

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