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A former Somali President Sharif and US Ambassador to Somalia discuss elections

MOGADISHU (SD) -The US Ambassador to Somalia, Larry Andre, met with the former Somalia President and Chairman of the union of presidential candidates at the US embassy in Mogadishu today.

A press statement about the meeting stated that the two parties discussed the current political situation in the country, the process of completion of the parliamentary elections, and the challenges of the prolonged election, and the security measures.

“Today I met with the new Ambassador Larry ‘Andre at the US Embassy. We discussed the current situation of the country, the completion of the election and the security challenges,’’ said Sheikh Sharif.

Sheikh Sharif Ahmed expressed gratitude to the United States for their continuous support of stability and democratization in Somalia.

In a statement issued after his meeting with Ambassador Larry ‘Andre, Sharif concluded by saying, “I thank the United States for its support to peacebuilding and the democratization process in Somalia.”

The meeting comes as the country continues in hold parliamentary elections, which have recently extended the deadline for the National Consultative Assembly to conclude the elections.

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