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A Mother and her two daughters graduate from university in Burao

Burao (SD) – A mother working for Somaliland’s Ministry of Health in Togdheer region and her two daughters, today graduated from Alpha University in Burao.

Zeinab Saleban talked about her feelings and what it means for her and her two daughters to graduate together, explained how knowledge is always needed and one does not grow too old and that education must be gained at any age.
“I am very happy. I am studied nursing. My daughters studied nutrition. I congratulate the university very much. The university is number one in Togdheer region. It is a voluntary university, run by a good and non-discriminatory governor, and gives everyone a special education.” Said Zeinab Saleban.

Adding “I am a civil servant working for the Ministry of Health Development, especially the Maternal and Child Health Center in Togdheer region. I am a mother who loves learning very much and plans to pursue a master’s degree. I took the exams with cast on my leg and I am very happy. I congratulate the students very much.”

Dr Zeinab Saleban urged mothers who have dropped out of school to continue their education so that they and their children can study together and take advantage of the opportunity.

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