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A Somali refugee in Denmark seeks Legal help

Tarm(SD) – Abdul-Aziz Ahmed Omar is a Somali national who has lived in Tarm, Denmark for the last 5 years, recently, the Danish government told him that his refugee status was revoked after it expired.

“I am a Somali citizen living in Denmark for 5 years, my documents expired in July 2019, when I went to renew them, I was told we would contact you. Months later, the answer was that we had revoked your residence permit. You must leave the country within seven days or hire a lawyer,” Abdiaziz Ahmed Omar told SONNA.

In the interview with SONNA, the Somali national said that his future in the country depends on God and $ 1,700, which he needs to hire a lawyers to represent him.

Abdiaziz Ahmed Omar added that he could not afford to pay for a lawyer, saying whatever little he earns he uses to pay his bills and the rest he support his parents, asking Somalis to help him out.

In recent years there has been an increase in the legal problems faced by immigrants in European countries, leaving many of them without legal status, revoked permits and lack of jobs.

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