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A Somali woman charged for leaving an infant at a Gas station in Ohio

COLUMBUS(SD) – Ohio Police say they have arrested and charged a Somali woman named Faduma Mohamed Nuriye, for leaving her a year and three-month-old baby in a Columbus store.

Columbus, Ohio Police say they have charged 20-year-old Faduma Mohamed with endangering the life of her young son.

Ohio State Police arrested the woman about 7:45 pm last night, hours after the owner of the shop took her abandoned baby to a Columbus Police Station.

Security forces are now questioning Faduma Mohamed Nuriye as to why she left her son in the store.

It is not yet clear the reason why Faduma Mohamed left her son at the gas station.

Somalis around the world who have been sharing the incident on social media have reacted strongly and sadly to the story.

The boy’s father and the mother’s family have not yet addressed the incident.

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