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Police and gunmen exchange gun fire in Garowe last night

GAROWE (SD) – reports from Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland state in Somalia say that a fierce gun battle broke out between Puntland forces and narcotic traffickers.

Heavy gunfire was heard in many parts of the city, especially near the bridge in east Garowe, although it later stopped and the situation returned to normal.

Nugal Regional Police Commander Ilyas Isak Mohamud spoke briefly about the shooting that took place last night in Garowe between the police and armed men.

Commander Ilyas Isak said police officers opened fire on the gunmen, and they returned fire, adding there were no reported casualties as a result of the incident last night in Garowe.

The Nugal Regional Police Commander vowed to crack down on drug traffickers who he said pose a threat to the security of the capital and the region as a whole.

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