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Former Somali minister and parliamentary candidate arrested in Baidoa

BAIDOA (SD) – Former Somali Minister of Defense, Abdirashid Abdullahi Mohamed, has been arrested in Baidoa, the South West state capital of Bay region.

According to reports, Abdirashid was released hours later by security forces that initially took him from his hotel room in Baidoa.

The release of the former defense minister came, following pressure on the Laftagareen administration as well as efforts by traditional elders.

Abdirashid Mohamed Abdullahi arrived in Baidoa yesterday, to launch his election campaign there for the HOP #197 seat.

The former minister’s arrest was politically motivated, as he is a close relative of Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansour, and a staunch opponent of President Laftagareen.

There was no immediate word from South West state security officials on the incident.

The former minister has not yet commented on the arrest, but is expected to speak to reporters in the coming hours.

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