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A Technical Committee announced at Djibouti Conference

Djibouti (SD) – The meeting between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Somaliland government in Djibouti entered its second day.

The conference was handed over to a technical committee from the Federal Government of Somalia and the government of Somaliland today, as to continue the talks between the sides.

The President of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo who spoke at the meeting said the committee has his full confidence in advising the fate of the Somali people.

“We have given you our confidence and you are the most educated people among Somalis, you need to think about our future for the next thirty years, we wish you success, we wish you a brotherly understanding.” Said president Farmajo.

President of Somaliland Government Muse Bihi Abdi, who also spoke at the meeting, urged the technical committee to discuss the truth and that the conference needs to be successful and address issues.

“Yesterday the presidents met, spoke and listened, we are handing the responsibilities over to the technical and we completed our instructions, we are looking to the technical committee to provide us with what we can agree on ”.” he said.

Technical Committee to represent FGS at the Djibouti Conference:

  1. Mohamed Abdi Sabriye, Minister of Interior and Federalism
  2. Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed, Minister of Petroleum and Resources
  3. Hussein Abdi Elmi, Deputy Minister of Constitutional Affairs
  4. Mohamed Dahir Afrah, Chairman of the Independent Commission for the Implementation and Review of the Constitution.
  5. Suleiman Mohamed Ahmed, the Attorney General
  6. Miriam Qasim MP
  7. Balal Mohamed Osman, Senior Adviser of president Farmaajo.

Technical Committee to represent Somaliland at the Djibouti Conference:

1- Yasin Haji Mohamud Farato, Minister of Foreign Affairs

2- Sa’ad Ali Shire, Minister of Finance

3-Mohamud Hassan Saajin, Minister of Commerce

4-Said Sulub Mohamed, Minister of Livestock and Fisheries

5- Adan Ismail, President’s Advisor

6- Abdifatah Said Ahmed, Somaliland Representative to Djibouti

7- Mubarak Ismail Tani, Special Representative of the President

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