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Airstrikes destroy Daesh base in Puntland

Bossaso January 26, 2023 (SD) – Reports from Puntland’s Bari region indicate that airstrikes targeted locations where members of the terrorist group Daesh were based.

The airstrikes began yesterday in the Calmiskad hills in the Bari region and continued until today.

Officials from the Puntland administration told local media that the airstrikes destroyed Daesh’s bases in the Calmiskad hills.

The extent of the damage caused by the airstrikes is not known, but Puntland intelligence officials have reported that all of Daesh’s bases in the area were destroyed.

This operation is said to have been jointly carried out by Puntland intelligence and Somalia’s international partners, acting on intelligence from the Calmiskad areas located near the Isku-Shuban district in the Bari region.

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