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Al Shabaab abducts civilians in Middle Shabelle

Jowhar June 17, 2023 (SD) -Reports from the Middle Shabelle region say that the Al-Shabaab group kidnapped a number of civilians in the Ruun-nirgood district last night.

The local population in Ceelbacad and Daaru-Nicma areas was subjected to the intrusion of Al-Shabaab, causing distress among the residents.

The District Commissioner of Ruun-nirgood confirmed the recent abduction by the group in the district. Furthermore, he confirmed that the number of people abducted by the group exceeded 30 individuals, including children, women, and men.

The armed group’s actions are seen as an attempt to destabilize the regions of Galgaduud and Middle Shabelle, which are part of the administrations of Galmudug and HirShabelle.

The District Commissioner appealed to both the federal government and HirShabelle, urging them to reinforce the military presence and take immediate action to address the escalating threats in the area.

While the regions of Galgaduud and Middle Shabelle have been targeted by Al-Shabaab in the past, the recent surge in attacks indicates renewed aggression by the group.

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