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Al-Shabaab and Ethiopia’s Somali Regional forces clash near Feer

FEER FEER (SD) – Liyuu police forces and Al-Shabaab fighters reportedly clashed yesterday in Las-Qurun area, not far from the capital of Feer-Feer district of the Somali regional government, near the Somalia border.

Liyu police forces are said launched the attacked against Al-Shabaab fighters as they crossed over from the Somalia side.

The latest clashes follows an earlier war between the two sides in the areas of Yeed and Aato in the Bakool region in Somalia which shares a border with the Somali regional government.

La-Qurun region is currently occupied by the Liyuu Police forces, following a fierce battle with the Al-Shabaab.

So far, there are no independent details about the losses suffered by the warring sides and the Las-Qurun residents.

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