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Al Shabaab announced the number of government soldiers they killed in the Ruun-nirgood attack

Mogadishu March 25, 2023 (SD) – A fierce battle between Al Shabaab militants and the Somali military, especially the Gorgor commandos, has erupted in the district of Ruun-nirgood in the Middle Shabelle region.

According to reports, the town of Ruun-nirgood witnessed heavy fighting between Al Shabaab militants and Gorgor commandos. Al Shabaab claimed a significant victory in the attack, stating that they killed 51 soldiers and destroyed 8 military vehicles.

“The damage to the enemy caused by the Mujahideen in the attack on the military base in Ruun-nirgood was 51 casualties, including Turkish-trained Gorgor commandos and regular soldiers. 9 vehicles used by the soldiers during the battle 8 were destroyed, while one was captured,” said Sheikh Abu Musab, an Al Shabaab spokesperson.

The Somali government did not yet address the attack on Ruun-nirgood by Al Shabaab militants but some officials told local media stated that they inflicted losses on the militants.

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